The Enterprise Animation Scenario

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In this “invented future,” the enterprise system for creating and distributing economic wealth is brought to life or “animated” as a result of a historic collapse in the artificial walls that stand today between producers and consumers. A new form of “flow control structure” sweeps the financial community in the first decade of the 21st century, stripping away power from outdated centralized power structures first in business and then throughout the world’s democracies. This transformation is accelerated by the merging of computer and entertainment technologies and a global focus on doubling the number of people afforded a quality standard of living by a control basket of human and natural resources every two years (see The Liberation of Moore’s Law below).

Traditional educational institutions are also transformed by the rise of the Systems Learning Format that integrated education, entertainment and production. By 2010, traditional politics had faded dramatically in importance as the percentage of “media space” devoted to centralized government politics was reduced by 84% since the mid 1990’s. The rapid assimilation of diverse people from many parts of the world into the world economy has caused problems in the United States and Europe among people who resent the relative decline in their power and influence. The scene opens as the author sits down in the Winter of 2009 to write a “learning history” that frames the events of the previous decade. (CONTINUED at the Wayback Machine Internet Archive…)